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Game-Changing Knowledge
Knocking on Your Screen.
Let it in.

Game-Changing Knowledge Knocking on Your Screen.
Let it in.

You may think that meeting over 50 best in class professionals to consume their priceless knowledge and experience is time consuming and expensive. But we have some good news.

Get life-long access to life-changing lessons from PODIM DX Conference 2020.

So, if you want to step up your business game, you need to hear this.











90 + hours of priceless knowledge now only for 29,99 €

WHY Podim Library?

Podim is the most influential startup & tech event in the CEE region, based in Slovenia, where innovation meets business opportunities, capital, knowledge and experience. It is a key regional platform to facilitate learning and networking in the most valuable and time efficient way.

In 2020, Podim was fully digitised and the response has been amazing.

As our mission is to share knowledge and experience, we would like to share the knowledge presented at the Podim DX 2020 conference, with you in a friendly way tailored for you, as you can schedule your time and decide what and whom you want to listen to.

Investing in knowledge is an investment that always pays off

Sneak peek of what is
waiting for you

Secrets of Serial Entrepreneurs Revealed by:

Patrick Lee (Rotten Tomatoes, USA),

Gregor Rebolj (Silicon Gardens Fund II, Slovenia)

and Zach Coelius (Coelius Capital, USA)

Find Out How to Boost the Investability of Your Company to a Level at Which Investors Won't Be Able to Say No You.

Ted West (Founder Partners, USA),

Dušan Omerčević (Cleanshelf, USA) whose clients include Hilton, Looker, CoStar Group, and  

Andraž Tori, who sold his company Zemanta to Outbrain.

Time to Get Your Hands Dirty, Remote is The New Reality?

Steli Efti (, USA),  Marvin Liao (adacado, USA), Sheel Mohnot (500 Fintech, USA), Cristobal Alonso (Startup Wise Guys, Latvia), Niket Desai (Ping, USA), Scott Rafer (Cloudery, USA)

Gen Z: Unbroken Diamond in Our Hands.

Lisa Gray (Black Meteor, UK)

The Playbook to Reignite Growth

Aaron Ross (Predictable Revenue, USA)

How to Adapt Acquisition Channels to New Circumstances

Darlene Thomas (TubeScience, USA)

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